• The Information Technology Division provides reliable, contemporary, and integrated technology to support and facilitate teaching, learning, research, and service.


  • The Information Technology Division will be a recognized center of excellence in leveraging information technology to stimulate the exchange and creation of knowledge. Information will exist in an integrated environment that fosters an open, collaborative, and unifying culture.
  • Information Technology is committed to the values of
  • reliability
  • professionalism and integrity
  • efficiency and effectiveness
  • innovation
  • excellence
  • accountability
  • continuous improvement and
  • collaboration and teamwork.


  • Access and Technology
  • Create a technology-enriched environment that supports:
  • teaching, research, and learning, and
  • prepares students for the workplace.


  • Strategies:
  • Maintain fully supported, 24×7 student computer access areas supplied with contemporary equipment.
  • Provide students access to information resources, high-volume access to network storage, and collaborative on-line tools.
  • Collaborate with faculty and staff to support and enhance teaching and learning.
  • Provide technology solutions that facilitate communication and interaction.
  • Collaborate with faculty and others in evaluating and implementing technology in teaching, including redesigning processes and methods of instruction.

Support  access and diversity in IT employment.

  • Strategies:
  • Target areas for recruitment where applicants would likely diversify the IT workforce and maintain the highest standards of excellence.
  • Network with area leaders and within area organization that promote and encourage diversity.

Fee payment: $ 245 per semester for Faculty of Ict

BSICT revised curricula 2020 (2)